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  1. Bev August 12, 15:41

    I have a Bushhog Lawnmower where the PTO continues to cut off in the middle of cutting the yard and it will not come back on. It appears that the wires keep coming aloose. My mechanic has reconnected the wires at least 3 times now and the PTO has stopped cutting approx. 30 minutes into my cut. Could it be something else driving the disconnect of the wire. My model number is: PZ2755. I tried to log on, but it said that I was already a member, but this is not the case. This the first time at your site.

  2. SupplyParts August 13, 04:11


    We recently registered and I found out that the account has been banned.
    Our manager forgot to read rules and perhaps he makes some mistakes.
    Please unban our account SupplyParts (

    Emma Smith
    Supply Parts LLC

  3. MF283 December 24, 12:03

    I haven’t been able to login to the site, even trying with 2 different servers.
    I’ve tried the “forgotten password” & haven’t recieved an email from that either.
    Any help would be appreciated,
    Happy Holidays
    Ronnie Howard

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