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Grey Market Tractor Reviews / 1984 Yanmar YM2000 Tractor
Review by crazyjz from Quincy, Florida
Posted 09/23/2004

I bought a used YM2000 from a friend who had bought it some 5 years ago from one of the "grey market" tractor dealers that crop up from time to time. I got it for a very reasonable price ($2700) and so far it has been a great little investment.

The 24hp, two cylinder diesel cranks out more than enough power to bulldoze through the thickest stuff with my 4ft bush-hog. This tractor is 20 years old and has about 900 hours on it if you can believe the hour meter. The guy I got it from believes them to be actual hours. He only used the tractor to mow a small field so he has not put many miles on it over the time he has owned it.

There are few amenities. Very basic stuff. The horn and turn signals are a joke. The voltage regulator is pretty sensitive but works fine. All of the controls are utilitarian, no frills but ergonomically ok, considering they were made for little people. I am 6 ft tall and weigh 235 lbs and I am very comfortable on it for hours at a time.

The 3 pt hitch leaks down without the tractor running but is not a problem since I rarely need to keep implements up when the tractor is off.

Mine is a two wheel drive. I have one 50lb weight on the front and could probably use another when lifting my LandPride finishing mower or my disc harrow. No problem if I'm careful though.

You will definately need an ORC with this tractor. Without it, even a 4ft finish mower or bushhog pushes you around. No problems with one though.

All in all, a great little tractor that I got for about the price of two of those disposable lawn tractors! I think mine will outlive the lifespan of two of them and get 10 times the use.

Good tractor, I would buy another!

Date Purchased: 6/2004
Purchased: Used
Price Paid: US$2700
Very reasonable price, decent performance, decent parts availability
Cons: none noted so far

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