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Kubota Reviews / 1980 Kubota L295DT Tractor
Review by picker77 from Mustang, Oklahoma
Posted 02/04/2006

I bought this little tractor in '95 from an old gentleman who was retiring from his small part time landscape business. It has 30 HP and a 4WD setup that works just fine, 8 forward and 2 reverse, power steering, draft control for plowing (which I've never used) and Ag tires. PTO is live 3-speed (540/720/1000) rear-only. I think there is a provision to extend the front shaft for front hydraulic drive (takes a kit that's probably no longer available) but mine does not have that. It had 300 hours on it when I bought it, and has 420 now, with the 120 hours I've put on it consisting of mostly mowing (5-ft Rhino HD brush hog) and gravel road maintenance using a 5-1/2 ft TufLine box blade. I maintain a small rural acreage with a few acres of woods trails to keep cleared, plus about 4 acres of meadow to mow and 1/4 mile of gravel lane to take care of, so the tractor has had only light use.

When I first got it I was hot to install a FEL, but held off because according to my local Kubota dealer it would have cost me about $3K to do, including the front hydraulics kit, and I didn't want to bite the additional cash bullet at the time. Just for fun I checked yesterday and now it would run over $6K to install the same loader. So unless you find one with FEL, you can pretty much forget installing one.

I have done quite a bit of heavy down-in-the-woods brush hog work with this little rig and have rarely bogged it down, and when I did I was into stuff that needed 50 HP plus to cut. Similarly, it will cut about anything in the pasture I drive it into, with most mowing easily done in 6th gear at a good clip at 2500 RPM. It will pull the box blade entirely full of dirt or gravel, no problem, and serves pretty well as a little bulldozer in reverse. It needed front weights (I installed Kubota's 250 lb kit) to handle the heavy Rhino brush hog without doing wheelies on uphills. The front weights and 4WD also greatly improve traction for heavy box blade work. Never had it in deep mud but I'd be very surprised if couldn't pull itself out of anything around my place.

No ROPS was installed when I got it, so I paid my local dealer $300 for a non-folding ROPS kit, which is very stout and was easy to install. With the narrow width of these tractors I would not run one without ROPS, although the L295DT's rear wheel span can be increased to 6 different widths from 44" up to 58" by simple rim reversals and boltup options. I've kept this one fairly narrow so I can cut out my tracks with a 5' bush hog.

One thing I don't particularly like is the lack of any synchromesh feature at all on the transmission. You have to back off to near idle to shift, or you'll get reminded in a hurry that you should have. Gearing is about right, with 8th too fast for comfort and 1st a serious granny, and everything in between spaced out nicely.

All in all, for it's size, the L295DT is a fine little compact. It's stout at 2600 lb, strong running, has decent hydraulics, simply will NOT break, and has done everything I've asked it to without a whimper. After 25 years, it has developed only one small oil leak, and that is on the power steering cylinder. Not many tractors of any size can say that. Kubota had a winner with this little tractor.

Last but not least, it's a simple, easy to maintain, pure iron and steel piece of machinery, without a bit of plastic crap anywhere on it. I like that.

Date Purchased: 7/1995
Purchased: Used
Price Paid: US$7000
Reliable as a rock, starts easy, power steering, powerful for it's size
Cons: Difficult to install FEL, no synchromesh.

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