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Kubota Reviews / 1988 Kubota L3350 Tractor
Review by Archive from n/a, New York
Posted 12/30/2001

Model: 1988 L3350
Author: Bob Mayer
Date: 1/14/99

This L3350 was purchased with BF800 Loader and L4540A Backhoe. Although the unit has been mostly troublefree, it did have initial difficulty with air impregnation in the hydraulic system. Kubota put a revised hytran pick up tube @ 35 hours; the new tube did not eliminate the problem and the dealer did not perform the refit in a professional manner. Very disappointing experience.

Despite that bad start, the tractor and attachments still run strong today. No repairs have been done, all Kubota scheduled maintenance is performed dutifully.

The primary use of this tractor is logging as the tractor is fitted with tire chains, Farmi 3 point logging winch, and loader bucket with log forks. On occasion, tractor use could probably been termed slightly abusive, but the unit always responds cheerfully!

The tractor could be improved with better & quicker hydraulics. Due to the relatively light weight of this tractor, front end loader use must be accompanied with rear counterweights. Wheel weights should absolutely, positively, be standard equipment provided by Kubota when the unit is sold with front end loader.

Despite minor shortcomings, this tractor still looks and runs like new. Many folks in this area have purchased Kubotas after seeing this one in long time operation.

Date Purchased: 6/1988
Purchased: New
Price Paid: US$1
Cons: n/a

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