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Kubota Reviews / 1999 Kubota M9000 Tractor
Review by Archive from n/a, New York
Posted 12/30/2001

Model: M9000
Author: Steve Nelson
Date: 11/13/99

Have shopped carefully for a mid-size tractor comparing the M9000 to the JD5410 and NHTN75. Previously I owned a GL3600GST and really liked it. The Kubota was much quieter and has more power, test drives with the M9000 felt just like a big 3600, handy and refined. Delivery in 7 days. I will update my experience with it. - Steve in NC

Update: December 1, 1999
An excellent value! First 8 hrs and I love the smooth power (typical Kubota). As easy to operate as my GL3600 was but with many more standard features. Draft control is great to have and using a double subsoiler(24"rippers) it just slid along at 1500RPM at ~3mph. The 8' rotary cutter was eye opening as I cleared 3 acres overgrown with small pines (up to 3 " at ground level) at 2-5MPH, 3d to 5th gear, at a easy break-in 14-1600RPM. Never bogged down, fast torque rise and the extra ground clearance let me drive straight over everything( I did back over a few thorn and wild rose areas to keep the paint intact). Checking the bottom afterward revealed no scratches (good tough paint) .It is still not a bulldozer though, stumps will make all wheels spin if over a few inches. I got a Quicke750 loader(4- link),7'bucket,and it will push brush and fill/lift a full bucket of wet clay easily. The Q750 also positions it subframe much more out of the way( still super solid and very easy on/off) than the US Kubota loader. Note: The Q750 is the Canadian Kubota original equipment loader. Nice QD bucket system too, only possible drawback is no regenerative valves for combined movement. The seat is comfortable, 2 armrests, weight adjustable and hydraulically damped. Steering is light and sharp, it even has "Front Only" lock for turns under load, handy in muddy ditch bank areas. Clutch action is light and very smooth uptake, easy to feather, and the fully syncro'd main trans is fast and easy to change. Ride is smooth and the added weight and big tires makes it feel like it has springs. There was a rattle on the detachable exhaust stack where a spacer is used to keep me from over tightening the band-clamp (easily cured with a 1/2" spring slipped over the spacer). The rear plastic fender extensions were faded from sun but I was able to get it somewhat better with multi-coats of silicone tire gloss. I guess they must be shipped on the top of cargo ships or it had been out in the weather in Cal., I got it within 1 week of it arriving at my dealer with 1.4 hours on it. I wish the filters had numbers on them or equivalents named: for example, the hydraulic filters are $23 ea. and 2 needed for 50hr service. To summarize: Twice the weight and near 3 times the power of the GL3600 for ~50% more $. Or ~50% more weight and 2x the power of the jd4600/Kubota4510 for 25% more $. If you have the room and don't need to finish mow with it, the many standard options and value seems unbeatable. PS: my 2d choice was the JD5410, 3d TN75. Both somewhat more $ and much louder! Its nice to not need earplugs. - Steve in NC

Update: January 5, 2000
25 hours and all is well. I had a slow on a front tire from running over a board with a nail in it. I used a liquid tire sealer from Tractor Supply Co. (2 1/2 qts) with good results.
Cleared more trees and found the 4-5" size easy to push out with the tooth bar after pushing them over. The extra power also lets me use the tooth bar like a giant rake, pushing with the teeth vertical and inserted 3" into the soil.

I noticed on the sales literature a prototype M9000 with an adjustable leverage point on the clutch arm. The production model only has one hole on its lever arm so I made a bolt-on extension which increases its length from 6 1/2 to 8" for a 23% lighter pedal. It works even more easily than before.

Quickie loader update: a regenerative valve joystick should be available in April as a no-cost option. The QD system works well and the whole loader is more rigid proportionally than the LA one on my GL3600. - Steve in NC

Date Purchased: 11/1999
Purchased: New
Price Paid: US$1
Cons: n/a

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