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Grey Market Tractor Reviews / 1984 Mitsubishi D1850FD Tractor
Review by readdurt from RR North of OKC, Oklahoma
Posted 03/12/2002

This Mitsubishi is 4WD, 18 PTO HP with a 4 cyl diesel engine. The 4 cyl is very smooth and quiet compared to other compact diesels I have been around. The tractor has standard cat 1 linkage and PTO. It also has a 4 speed PTO, differintial lock, 3 range transmission with 9 forward and 3 reverse gears. I use it for general utility work around our acreage, brush hogging, finish mowing, blade work, and tilling. I also do mowing and tilling on the side for hire. I work the little tractor pretty hard. This tractor is very heavy for its small size, I don't think there is anything out there new today in this size/HP range that could out pull this tractor. I have not had to do anything to it since I got it except normal maintinance, and I had to get the hydrolics fixed once, had a broken valve. Great machine as far as I am concerned, just make sure you buy from a dealer who specializes in greys and can support you with parts and service as needed. I bought mine from a local importer/dealer of greys and they have treated me well after the sale.

Date Purchased: 2/1998
Purchased: Used
Price Paid: US$3450
Value, new machine with same ability would have been 3 or 4 times the money.
Cons: No ROPS, narrow track, have to be careful on the slopes.

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