Tractor Projects You Can Do in a Day

By TBN April 26, 2017 21:25

f you’re looking to spend some quality time with your tractor, here are ten great projects you can do in a day. Most of these are tasks that everybody does from time to time…

1. Grading Your Driveway


Grading your driveway is high on the list of things to do in the spring, as the winter can be rough on your road. In this photo, a perfectly graded driveway is accomplished with an impressive home-built box scraper by member Gordon Gould.

2. Give Your Tractor a Deep Clean


Every now and then it’s nice to get your tractor looking new again. These machines shine up real nice with a little elbow grease. Some owners (like 94BULLITT) go all out and use air compressors to blow dust out of nooks and crannies, and pressure washers to deep clean the caked-on dirt. Once it’s clean, you’re ready for pictures (and more work).

3. Till Land For a Food Plot


Is this the year you break ground on a new food plot or garden? If you’ve got a tiller, the job goes quick and the bulk of it can be done in a day. Just pick a spot and start tilling! Thanks to member ccsial for the great action photo!


4. Stump Removal


We’ve all got at least one stump out there that makes our yard look just a little bit less perfect than it could be. But if you’ve got a backhoe, you can make quick work of that stump and take some pretty great photos of the aftermath. Even small subcompact tractors like Airic’s Massey Ferguson in this photo can get the job done. Now the only question remaining is where do you put the stump?


5. Trail Cleanup


If you’ve got a lot of land, you’ve probably also got some trails. It’s a good idea to keep them clear at least once a year. That might involve mowing or debris cleanup, or maybe widening to accommodate vehicles. Any way you cut it, trail cleanup is a fun and productive job.

6. Gather Firewood

The only bad time to gather firewood is when you run out during the winter. So don’t let that be you. Get ahead of your firewood chores, and give the wood time to dry before burning it. With the help of your tractor, the job goes much quicker than it used to. The setup in this photo belongs to member VroomVroom. It’s basically a beefed up 3-point hitch carry-all. Be sure to take care when transporting a load of that size.


7. Lend a Helping Hand


Like a good neighbor, your tractor is always there for you. But sometimes it needs to be there for your neighbor too. Maybe today is the day you led a neighbor a helping hand if they need it? If so, it’s time to load up the truck and show them what your tractor can do! Photo by Solo.


8. Accessorize Your Tractor

Teikas Dad-accessorize

Been planning on adding an accessory or two to your tractor? Whether home built or something you buy, most small accessories are fairly easy to install. These Ken’s Bolt on Hooks and tooth bar by BXPanded as shown on Teikas Dad’s tractor are both nice accessories to add.


9. Mow a Field


There are few better ways to spend a day on your tractor than hooking up the rotary cutter and trying to avoid stumps, rocks, and debris as you mow down a field. Some like to keep their loader bucket about a foot off the ground the way member bullbreaker  has his in this photo, just in case any large objects are hiding in the bushes. This way you’ll find them with your loader before you run over them with your cutter.


10. Go Shopping


Last but not least… if you’ve done everything you need to do and you have a free day, maybe it’s time to head on over to the dealership and buy something new. Maybe a new tractor? That’s what member coobie did when he visited Michigan Iron & Equipment. But if you’re already good in the tractor department, we know you could probably use a new attachment, right? Okay, maybe just a free brochure this time.

By TBN April 26, 2017 21:25
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