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By TBN May 30, 2017 22:22
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It’s easy for us to purchase attachments for our tractors – and we’ll purchase quite a few of them over the course of our tractor ownership. These are tools that make life easier, and turn or tractors into truly multi-purpose machines. Some of our users here at TractorByNet have decided that some of the attachments on the market don’t quite meet their needs, or their budgets, and have demonstrated their innovation through designing and building attachments on their own.


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By TBN May 30, 2017 22:22
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  1. Maineguide May 31, 02:54

    Nice looking job! Of course this has been done hundreds of times and it never wooks correctly! The fact is having a plow on the loader arms and trying to run it in the “float” position is “ok” to plow a few inches of wet snow on a parking lot level , hard surface. However when you try to actually use one in a foot of snow off the man made surface. Because of the weight of the loader arms bearing down on the blade it will imeadiately start to lift the front tires UP off the ground as you push on the plow effectively making the tractor ” unsteerable” ……….

  2. thedomanico May 31, 03:30


  3. doc May 31, 10:43

    Now that is clever! I really like the way he raises or lowers the blade. My father was always inventing and building things, and he would have applauded this! Not exactly pretty, but very functional!!

  4. Warrenpfjr May 31, 14:42

    Cool! Where can i find out more about this project?

  5. Woody May 31, 21:41

    I like to modify my equipment and make attachments to make life easier as well to save money I like to see other ideas. I have done some of these in different versions because of the use of different types of equipment. Good thought and energy applied to these attachments.

  6. TBN Author April 6, 21:57

    @thedomanico You can find more info in the thread links on each photo. That’s where the builders describe their projects.

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