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    Default Grillo 131 Diesel vs BCS 948 Diesel

    Is there anyone that has experience with one or both of these tractors that could give me an idea of the pros and cons for each? I see them listed on earthtools at the same price. My impression is that the Grillo is a bigger tractor, but it is a little had to tell, and it looks like there is a power driven trailer for 4wd for the Grillo too.

    Primary use for me would be soil prep and maybe woodlot work, but would want to use a flail mower too. I have several older attachments for a David Bradley that I would like to modify and use in some fashion, but would like to upgrade from the David Bradley to a transmission and brakes.

    I have thought about the 107D but it looks like it is much lighter. I'm thinking of going to Earthtools to spend some time looking at things, but it is a long way off. Oldmech I enjoy what you are doing with your stuff up in Lacolle. Thanks for any thoughts here. joe

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    Default Re: Grillo 131 Diesel vs BCS 948 Diesel

    Sure wish I had either one of these so I could help you out, can't say anything but good about the BCS 735 that I've had for over 20 yrs.. If you can find the time to make the trip to Joel's place, it will be worth the trip, I visited last year and got to watch them putting a diesel on an 853, you won't find anyone more knowledgeable on these tractors than Joel and he'll help you decide which would be best, with the best choice of attachments, for your use and situation. My opinion, you can't go wrong with either choice. Be sure and post back if you make the visit and what you decide.
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    Default Re: Grillo 131 Diesel vs BCS 948 Diesel

    Hi ! You have a very hard choice! Because 131 and 948 are very different and very good. Gear box . Grillo 131 have 5 +2 BCS 948 4+3 . 131 is more suitable for pull or rear implements as tiller hiller moldboard plow or trailler one speed more. If you plan use more often front implements as mower snowblower etc BCS 948 have one speed more. Bcs tranny have instant reverse ( no a true shuttle You need clutch) but more fast for change direction. Grillo 131S Have a better shock absortion (adjustable) on handlebar more confortable with Diesel engine. Any way take bigger wheels and tires . Two wheels tractors with trailers work very well in woodlot. Turn tight I buy a 107d because front PTO rotation is as Gravely. Call Joel He can help you a lot. Good luck ! Oldmech

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    Default Re: Grillo 131 Diesel vs BCS 948 Diesel

    Hi I think Old mech covered it pretty well. I own an older 745 w/ lombardini 510 cc engine and would just add that the additional heft/weight can be an advantage for field work like spading, rototilling, and flail mowing. All things four wheel tractors are bought and used for. I am adding the spedo brand potato digger this year and it only works on these bigger machines. I would like to some day have a powered trailer but will settle for getting my small manure spreader pulled by the 745 for now. Good luck w/ your choice.

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