hello to all , this looks to be a good forum hopefully someone can help.
I have just purchased aquired an antonio carraro rotovator minus its engine, does anyone have an engine to fit or know the whereabouts of one ?.
or can you provide details of any engines that will fit this equipment .
ive scanned google and bing to no avail, i have learnt its a 2 wheel tractor and thats all upto now.
any help / suggestions will be most appreciated. (apart from scap it Ha Ha )
or even any info regarding a drive coupling so that i could then convert to fit any engine or a ideally key start engine .
it looks to be complete apart from the engine and drive flange .
also any info regarding the gearbox eg parts list / operators manual, so that i know how it physically works / drives
i can provide pics if required via sp7@talktalk.net
Thanks for looking . cheers jud