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    Default BCS 720 YEAR 2000 MODEL CLUTCH HELP

    Morning Forum,

    wanted some help reference my newly acquired rotavator, it is a 2000 model bcs 720 with a diesel lombardini engine (15LD315).
    The rotavator was left sitting for 3 years before i got it, problem i have is the engine smokes a bit when running and also the machine creeps forward when the clutch is depressed. Could anyone give me any pointers as to what to check or adjust please.



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    Default Re: BCS 720 YEAR 2000 MODEL CLUTCH HELP

    Look at the clutch cable there is usually an adjustment at one end, sometimes both ends of it. That should do the trick!! At least it is not frozen in the engaged position,, when storing make sure the clutch lever is pulled to disengage it ..I have heard of many that get stuck just over the winter months. I disengaged mine, pin the lever, and tie wrap it--to ensure it doesn't stick when I need it in the spring.
    Diesels smoke when started and when a working load is applied, so not sure how much yours is supposed to be smoking somebody here should have some insight on that..

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    Default Re: BCS 720 YEAR 2000 MODEL CLUTCH HELP

    Black smoke? At all throttle settings and loads? If so.

    If the engine sat that long with unstabilized fuel, I'd bet the injector is just dirty. I'd get any old fuel out, rinse the tank, and replace the fuel filter. Then run some cleaner like Seafoam or Diesel Purge through the engine to dissolve the junk and get the injector to spray properly. Diesel purge is supposed to be the better of the 2, but I can't get it locally.

    You can at it at a light ratio and use the tractor as normal, or mixed 50/50 with diesel fuel and ran for 10-20 minutes at a time over the course of a day to a couple of weeks to allow it to 'soak'.

    PS Those are good and expensive engines, change the oil.

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