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    Default Two wheeled tractor tire question

    I'm picking up a used Troy Bilt sickle bar mower today and it's been sitting for a long period of time. Aside from the carb work that will need to be done, the current owner says the tires won't hold air. Aside from putting in new tubes, I was wondering if there is some "do-it-yourself" method for filling the tires with foam instead? Will the "crack and door seal" type foams work for this?

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    Default Re: Two wheeled tractor tire question

    Theres different kinda of tire sealers.
    If I,I would spend the extra time for new tire or tube.."it's been sitting for a long period of time",no fussing nor mess later on...might as well do other tire also.

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    Default Re: Two wheeled tractor tire question

    If the existing tires are old enough they might even be cotton threads unlike current ones all being synthetic.
    If so the threads will be rotted and the tires will simply shred.
    Do yourself a favor and buy a new set, at the size they can't cost all that much.

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    Default Re: Two wheeled tractor tire question

    Welcome DN44

    I complete concur with the two previous posts on getting new tires and tubes. They are less than $80 total. But before you do, check out the TroyBilt sicklebar mower. Most parts are no longer available. They built many versions so picking up a spare junker may not always work. If you can, find a used BCS 700 series two-wheel tractor and sickle bar attachment. All parts are still available except for some Acme engine parts. Don't but a 200 series BCS as parts are getting scarce and they are not as robust as the 700 series.

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    Default Re: Two wheeled tractor tire question

    I will not put tubes in tubeless tires/wheels. I will clean and paint the rims if the rims leak. That usually takes care of any problems.

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