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    Default Re: electric motor conversion for a BCS or Gravely?

    Hi! For now! Sun and Wind are FREE here. But I must pay for gas and diesel. Energy from Sun is fabulous. As one kwhr by square meter. No more oil in 20-30 years. We must import a lot of oil now. We must find new technology for take and stock Sun energy. In Texas you have a lot of Sun. You are rich and you dont know. I think my childs and grandchilds would use electric cars and tractors. I am optimist. SUN is again here for a very long time. Be happy! Good luck! Oldmech

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    Default Re: electric motor conversion for a BCS or Gravely?

    Yes Old the sun and wind are of themselves "free" energy, however the equipment to utilize them aren't, so no free lunch. Electric conversion wouldnt be for everyone, but for those who could put it to use it could be a good thing, once all the inital conversion costs were "paid for", and all those costs for a useable conversion are "up front", not pay as you go.

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