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    Default Re: New to site, New to 2 wheeled tractor.

    I dislike ceilings and sheetrock as well. nah 45 sheets of 4x8" going to do it in greenboard, ceilings as well though they are fine. need to run electrical, fix some shoddy vents and put in some updated recessed lighting. Going to run cable and computer lines behind walls as well. then it's redo the bathroom entirely. I gutted everything.. Then got some contractor bids, choked.. I did the all the furnace and hot water already.. Need some heat =) We will be moving in about 3 years to either Vermont, NH or Maine. So I just keep thinking do it right, make it look nice, sell. Harbor freight has a nice cheap ceiling sheetrock lift.. I think it's 150$. Sure wish I had that when I did the ceilings solo by my mother's house. That was a two ladder affair and a lot of cussing.
    Yep I'll take some pics, looks like I am building a shed sooner than I thought and some Alieve. And cross my fingers that she doesn't ask me to make kitchen cabinets.

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    Default Re: New to site, New to 2 wheeled tractor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phulish View Post
    Thanks for the welcome!!
    Ok so I am an owner now, a spanking new BCS 853 with a 26" tiller. The wife said "Merry Christmas stop looking and I ordered 45 sheets of 1/2" sheetrock so you can get to work on my daughters apartment, which ripped it apart after the hurricane out here, so I guess she figures I'll have less of a pile of stuff to fix.
    Congrats! I have the same one! Now you just need the furrower, a mower or two, the rotary plow, a trailer, a scraper, a chipper, some wheel weights, and the generator....maybe the sprayer too.

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    Default Re: New to site, New to 2 wheeled tractor.

    Aww, now you're not gonna have the adventure of fixing up a slightly older machine and the story to go with it! Just think, you could have had a grandkid on each knee, regaling them with the adventure of a lifetime way back in 2013.... Back when we didn't have cell phone installed right in our brains or cars that flew or 3D printers that would just print us our food (GASP! Grandpa,do you mean you had to grow your food?!? How did you survive?)

    Congratulations on the new unit. Did you already pick it up? If not, don't let the dealer talk you into a 740. Stick with the 853.
    BCS 850 w/ Kohler Diesel, BCS 735 w/ Acme diesel, Agrizeta tracks, 30" tiller, Berta double rotary plow, Berta 33" 2 stage snow blower, 18 inch combined ridger, Caravaggi BIO90 chipper, Bellon 32"rough cut mower, Caravaggi stump grinder, BCS 59" duplex mower, Pallidino 20" flail mower, Ravenna trailer, trencher, 2 way plow, ridger,

    John Deere B, 60, 4430 open station, 4430 SGB, 4840, 317 skid steer, and all the implements to work 'em

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    Default Re: New to site, New to 2 wheeled tractor.

    No rest for the handy! Happy New Year!

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