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    Default UNcommon uses for a Walk-behind Two-wheel tractor...

    CMyoung's post about his very useful homemade barrow got me thinking about the uncommon uses for these little guys.

    My most unusual task for my 850 diesel is with a power sweeper. I use it to sweep out my chicken barn when I clean out. The skid steer and tractor with manure spreader do all the heavy lifting. But, once the 12 inches of manure is gone, I go in with my sweeper and go along at just above an idle to half-throttle, sweeping the fine stuff the skid steer can't get. It works great!

    Anyone else have an uncommon use for thier two-wheeler? Doesn't matter the make or model....

    How about the most impressive thing you can do with your two-wheeler?
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    We use the sweeper to clean the concrete slab, before installing a new roof.

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    Default Re: UNcommon uses for a Walk-behind Two-wheel tractor...

    I used my 735 to push off a bank along the driveway, reversed the handle and used the tiller to push the dirt and recontour for reseeding. With the tines running it loosened the tough soil and moved it downhill.
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    Default Re: UNcommon uses for a Walk-behind Two-wheel tractor...

    Every winter my driveway at the shop ices over accumulating 1/2" to 1 1/2" of ice. When it starts to melt on a warm winter day and the ice is the slipperiest I take a BCS with a tiller and run over the ice with minimal downforce and break the ice in small pieces which is no longer so slippery and melts much faster. Run the engine at idle in second speed. It works great!.

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