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    Default 853 vs. 740

    I'm in the process of working with the local dealer to get a tractor ordered and I've got a question. I note that the 853 has an 8 MPH transport gear which the 740 lacks. What's the feeling of people on this forum - is the transport gear a "can't do without it" item, nice-but-rarely-used, or something that never gets used? I'd value the input of those with BCS experience. Thanks much.

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    Default Re: 853 vs. 740

    The only time I have ever used 4th gear is the motor at idle and me walking behind at a very fast clip. I've done that maybe two times in three years. I could do without 4th gear. Maybe if I had a trailer with seat I'd use it, but otherwise, no. Note: I have the biggest wheels and tires on my 853 (6.5 x 12 x 23). If I had the normal 853 5 x 10 x20 wheel/tire combination, maybe 4th gear would be used more for briskly walking the BCS to and from the work site.
    Bill in NC

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    Default Re: 853 vs. 740

    Hey Bob,

    I have an 850 diesel and I use 4th all the time to get from point A to point B at an idle. Of course, my 4th gear is in mower mode, so I can only use it when I'm mowing or sweeping. The Grillo 107d has fourth gear in tiller mode, but the gear is blocked with a bolt and washers from the factory. When I sell one, I note the bolt to customers and tell them it's up to them whether or not they want to access that gear. Most say they will. As Bill says, it's most beneficial when when you have a trailer - 2.6 mph is brutal when riding. Heck, even walking at 2.6 mph with the engine pegged doesn't feel right to me.

    You can search the archives for my strong opinion on why I'd choose the 853 over the 740...
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    Default Re: 853 vs. 740

    My 735 gear selector has from the bottom to top 1/3 N R N 2/4 and 5, I use the road gear every time I use the BCS since my garden is about a quarter mile from the house. I'd hate to do without it. I pull a trailer with all my tools and the tiller. I have the tires filled and wheel weights and it would sure work better for hauling if I had more traction.
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    Default Re: 853 vs. 740

    My opinion is that the transport speed is good if used with caution and if the machine is operated by a skilled operator. Giving the transport speed to a novice is down right dangerous. When I sell a machine with the transport speed I block its usage with a bolt until everyone who uses the machine is very familiar with its operation. Many of the machines I sell go to CSA's and community gardens with many operators. I won't take the chance of operator injuries on the machines I sell. That my 2 cents worth!

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