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    Default BCS 737 carb issue

    I have a nice 737 with ACME 10hp engine that I'd like to sell. It has not been used much as I have a few other machines to choose from. It has developed a leaking carburetor. With the gas on I get a leak out of the top of the carb. I replaced the gasket between the plastic bowl and the carb body but that wasn't the problem apperently. Chris at Earthtools got things out for me really fast and the old gasket was as hard as a rock. Any ideas on how to fix this guys would me much appreciated. Thanks


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    Default Re: BCS 737 carb issue

    Hey Jim,

    See if the float travels loosely on its hinge. I had a 735 with a leaking carb and all it needed was to have the carb hinge shaved a bit so it didn't stick. Apparently, this new gasoline swells the carb float material. It could also be that the gas has infiltrated the float to the point that it doesn't "float" Take the float completely out and place it in a cup of gasoline. If it doesn't float right on top, it's gone bad.

    Either that or tell the buyer to always make sure they shut off the fuel at the end of the work. This should be done anyway.
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    Default Re: BCS 737 carb issue

    Yes check the float and if that is ok check to see that the float valve is seating well.

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