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    Default Re: 853 for every thing

    Hey Bob,

    When considering prices, keep in mind that you're pricing new walk-behind versus used tractor - sometimes very used. I'm not afraid of used (my tractors are a 1970's 4430 and 2040, an early 60's 4010, and a 1955 JD 60), but I also know that they come with their demons. My 4010 has cost me nearly three times what I paid for it in repairs in the past 5 years. If you consider the cost of a new ride-on tractor (even one of those grey market tractors from China) to the cost of a new walk-behind, the price difference is significant.

    If you're not afraid of a used ride-on tractor, you should be even less afraid of a used walk-behind. They're a far simpler machine. Much less can be wrong and much less is needed to fix them. You can find very good deals on used walk-behinds as well. I paid about $1000 for my 830 with tiller and two sweepers, which I later converted to a diesel. It needed work, but that didn't bother me as it was mostly labor.

    If you have time, search CL through Google. Type "BCS tiller OR rototiller OR mower OR tractor OR sickle" into a google search box. This isn't perfect, it will show you all BCS tractors for sale across all CL's. Eventually, you'll find a 737, 605, 830, 850, 852, or 853 to buy (I posted the pluses and minuses regarding all models in the past year, but seem to be incapable of using the search matrix on this site). Once you have the tractor, you can start considering other attachments that Bill mentioned.

    I agree with his attachment suggestions - 3 working speed (plus 4th transport) locking differential tractor with a rotary plow, flail mower, and power harrow. The power harrow can be replaced with a rototiller for lower cost, but the harrow works on a vertical axis, stirring up weed seedlings, incorporating inputs, and firming the seed bed, while not "turning" the soil. This keeps the weed seeds that are not on the surface to stay inactive underground. It's strong enough to go through unworked soil, but, unless you're renovating lawn, it really isn't effective in primary tillage.
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    Default Re: 853 for every thing

    I have not read everything on this tread so I hope I do not repeat something already said. I have 2 acres of organic market garden and 2 greenhouses. My 853 get used much more than my articulated 30 HP tractor. The 4 wheel tractor is used mostly to carry stuff in the bucket. If I have to choose between the two [I do not want to choose] I would go with the 853. The 853 will do everything I need except lift and carry. I am looking for a second 853 used tractor and am confident it needed I can fix.

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