Got to use the 40" lawn mower attachment and it works well. The 605 has really nice gearing for mowing application. The instant reverser lever is fast and convenient but I can see why they changed the design, If you don't hold the clutch in all the way the reverse will grind. But it works good anyway. As for the mower deck I welded in new plating because it was starting to get holes in it. The cut tends to vary a bit as there is a pivot that allows the deck to stay level when cutting height changes. It likes to gouge on uneven ground but not a major thing i guess. The 8hp Acme diesel has awesome torque, It wont stall when the blades are engaged, and doesn't bog down in high grass.
Does anyone else own this same 40"BCS mower? How do you like it? What tractor do you have to run It? -100_2758-jpg-100_2759-jpg-100_2761-jpg-100_2763-jpg