I just found this place today and looks like a great place.

When I was a kid, my dad had a walk behind cultivator that he used a little when I was younger (mid 1950s)
I don't remember him using it later.
When I moved back to the homestead 5 years ago, I found it in the chicken coop.
I pulled the cord and it was froze pretty tight
Because I needed the room for chickens, I put it outside because I didn't have room anywhere else either

A short while back, I took another look at it.
It looks like it would be a pretty useful tool for my veggie gardens if I can get it running.

Great Lakes Tractor "Junior Chief"-chief-011a-jpg

Great Lakes Tractor "Junior Chief"-chief-010a-jpg

It has a Kohler engine.
I'm not the cleverest mechanic and there seems to be very little info available

Would anyone have any info or be able to point me in a direction?

Thank you