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    Default BCS paint?

    Does anyone know where to get BCS touch-up paint or a standard spray paint that color matches?

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    I asked Earthtools about BCS paint and they told me to buy a standard Sherwin Williams blue spray can color. I cannot remember the color, but you will recognize the color by the can's cap.Actually, there are two blue spray can colors at S-W. One matches the newer BCS blue, the other more closely matches the 715/725/735 era color.

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    Default Re: BCS paint?

    I used some rattle can tractor paint (Ford Blue) on my tiller a couple years back, and if I look for it, I can still barely see the difference.

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    Default Re: BCS paint?

    I have found the BCS blue color is dependent on its age and exposure to sun and the elements. I have been using a Duplicolor Ford Engine Blue that you can get a many auto part suppliers. You get a big can for about $6. It is always fresh and a good match to BCS. I was told New Holland Blue is also a very good match but I only have green and orange tractor dealers near me.

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