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    Default PTO on JD 5020

    Does anyone remember how the 10 and 20 series JDs were converted from 1000 to 540 PTO speed. We had a 3010 when I was a kid and I seem to remember that you released and pulled out the PTO shaft and replaced it with the 6 spline 540. I don't have any memory of how the speed was changed. I ask this because a man posted on another board that he had bought a 15' mower for his 5020 and discovered that he had a 20 spine 1000 rpm PTO. Others have told that that is the only speed and he has no options. I find this hard to believe since the 3020 and 4020 had two speed PTOs. If anyone has any information I will pass it one to this man before he pulls the rest of his hair out. Thanks. Dave.

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    Not familiar with the 5020, but if it is like the newer JD "Ten" series (5210, 5310 etc), then I believe the PTO speed choice is a factory option. I saw a true dual speed PTO on a Case SX-90 (2 shafts, one over the other), and my NH TN90F has what you describe (changeable shafts), but your friend is probably stuck. Call more than one dealer to confirm it, or perhaps Leinbach Machinery in Winston-Salem, NC, who seems to have every hack for PTOs available in their store.

    I love my 1000 PTO Bush Hog. And not many people can borrow it [img]/w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif[/img].

    Good luck,

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    Here's how it works on the old 10 and 20 series.
    The PTO shaft has 4 bolts on the outside hub 9/16 fine thread bolts. Remove all 4 bolts and remove the PTO shaft. Now you can purchase a 1000 or 540 shaft for that tractor. Your next question would be "What changes it from 1000 to 540?" On the tractor there is a small rod that gets pushed in by a dipple on the 1000 RPM shaft and the dipple is allowed to push out for the 540. The small rod is spring loaded. I hope this helps!

    Next how do you use the 540 shaft to spin at 1000 RPM's.. We have a chopper that is 1000 but it does not have the 1000 PTO shaft. So we took the 540 pto shaft and removed the dipple on it so the tractor would spin 1000. To convert it back we drilled the dipple out and put a cut off bolt in the hole to give us a dipple. The works great. We have been running it this way for 25 years. Good luck

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    RWR. Thanks, that brought back an old memory. If I can find the man's original post I will pass the information on. Dave.

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