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    Default Re: Two layer cultivator shank

    Quote Originally Posted by omidlolo View Post
    plz specify your comment source? im need sources.
    where i can find technical (Engineering) information about it?
    ex. design parameter or formula!
    extra from Industriehof Scherenbostel Cultivator parts to fit adaptable for Ventzki
    Can i use the leaf springs relations for it?
    My source is decades of staring back at the **** things for 16 hours a day nothing quite as technical as the info from these guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by omidlolo View Post
    why 1/4?
    It's from the calculation. One cubed is one. One half cubed is one eighth. Double one eighth (two thicknesses) and you get one quarter. It's the same way with typical leaf springs (not the single leaf the Chevy Nova used). Stacking thinner layers results in a lower spring rate or softer ride than one heavy leaf. I am not sure about the cultivator shank but I believe they use multiple leafs to get more action out of the shank therefore breaking up the soil better. I have an old cultivator with single thick shanks but then a triple large coil just before it clamps to the frame to give it ground busting action but the shanks were expensive to break. They aren't expensive anymore because the company (Case) realized it was a bad design and quit making it, and service parts, long ago. I pulled it out of a fence row to use for some special jobs where I need a small cultivator.
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