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    Default JD 7000 Series Planter Questions

    So we just purchased a 6 row narrow 7000 corn planter. We have a 7000 4 row wide and we thought they were pretty much the same planter. I've discovered that they have different sprockets for the population settings. Basically the 6 row has fewer teeth with a longer chain and the 4 row has more teeth and uses a shorter chain. I can't seen to find the setting chart for the 6 row but I'm guessing that I can just divide the setting in half from the the chart that I have from our 4 row wide planter?? I've done a little research and I think the 6 row is an older planter (conservation) and they switched to the sprockets with more teeth later on. Any help would be appreciated and if you have the chart for the population settings with the fewer teeth could you please post?

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    Default Re: JD 7000 Series Planter Questions

    There should be many different sized sprockets to slide around on the shafts to achieve desired spacing ?

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