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    Default JD2440 hydraulic problem

    I'm looking at purchasing an '82 2440. Runs great & looks good. The 3PT chatters a bit going up when cold and after a few hours quits raising altogether. When cool everything returns to "normal". Does this sound like a bad hydraulic pump? Assuming the simple things like oil and filter were tried, what else would cause this model to suffer these symptoms. If it is the pump, I'm told a new one costs about $1000-$1300 for parts alone. How difficult is this to replace by yourself, and what tools would be required. Seems that for car repairs, the labor has always costs as much as the parts. Also it sounds like this tractor has both a front and a rear pump - what would the rear be for? Any idea what this tractor might be worth knowing about the problem? It has 4400 actual hours on the frame and 1100 hrs on a factory fresh engine, 8x2 transmision,dual remotes, decent paint. Seems like with a new engine and new pump, that would cover the most expensive parts of the tractor and I'd be set for many hours, so I don't want to write it off too quick.
    What are your thoughts,

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    Default Re: JD2440 hydraulic problem

    JD uses a closed center hydraulic system which includes a front mounted radial piston pump. This pump cannot "suck" oil it has to be "fed" by another pump, (usually a gear or gerotor pump). While the radial piston pump is not indesctuctable, they usually last a long long time providing the hydraulic system stays free of contaminants. The problem sounds to me like it's in the "charge pump". The pump that feeds the main hydraulic pump. I'm not sure where the charge pump is on a 2440 but on some JD models the pump can be accessed by removing the 3pt hitch cover.
    Talk to a local JD mechanic and get some sprecifics as to pump location and difficulty of replacement.
    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: JD2440 hydraulic problem

    i have a JD1020 and a JD 2240; both have had the hydraulics quit while using the tractors; the 1020 had the brakes go bad and clog the screen that filters the fluid to the pump that supplies the main pump; ended up having to have the brakes replaced at @ $800; the 2240 quit after i had changed the hydraulic filter; it was the screen clogged on it too; but it didn't "appear" to be the same material as the 1020; so i drained the system, cleaned the screen and put in new fluid; so far so good..
    i don't know how these compare to the 2440; oh yes, the JD dealer rebuilt the main hydraulic pump on the 2240, @ 2 years before i bought the tractor, so that would be maybe 4 years ago, for @ $600.

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    Default Re: JD2440 hydraulic problem

    Rick, I am new to this forum and I just read about your problem. It's probably too late but there are several things that can cause the problem you have. There could be internal leakage in the transmission pump circuit. This pump is locatedd under the shift levers and the tractor needs to be "split" for access. If the tractor is equipped with independent pto or hi-lo shift, these could be leaking internally. The trans pump sucks through the sump screen then pushes oil through the filter then supplies the independent pto and hi-lo before going to the main hydraulic pump. There is also a filter relief valve that could cause problems. If you still need advice on this tractor, write back and let me know how it is equipped and I will do my best to help you out. The pump is rarely the culprit with your symptoms. Kenny

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