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    Default Re: New Idea Corn Picker....

    Quote Originally Posted by AKfish View Post
    My cousin's are still using their 2-row New Idea picker. Gotta be at least 30 years runnin', now.

    Think they've got it hooked up to a Case/IH 8620... gotta be 155hp or so!

    They still feed whole ear corn to their stock cows - drive along in the pasture and string out a line of ear corn. Cows buckin' and runnin' and kickin' in the air to get to that corn!

    They don't run the ear corn through a hammer mill? Wife and son run all their ear corn, oats and high protein pellet through a CaseIH 1250 Grinder Mixer. Never seen a cow eat whole ears of corn.
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    Default Re: New Idea Corn Picker....

    Back in the early 80's I worked on a cattle / cotton farm in Selma, AL for 3 years. We raised about 75 acres of corn, cut 1/2 for silage (w/100 acres of millet) and picked the rest for grinding dry feed. we would take broken ear corn and use it to "bait" the cows from pasture to pasture. Those old Santa Gerts mama cows would get a ear of corn in their mouth, roll it around with a foot long tongue rasping the kernels off and spit the cob out! They would chase the pickup truck to whatever field we wanted em in for a ear of corn! The owner could never understand why those cows always charged up on the truck every time he drove in a pasture!

    good old days!!

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    Default Re: New Idea Corn Picker....

    Does anybody out there know how to build up the snapping rolls on a NI 323? I have a picker that is intact and works ok, but it gets clogged up way too much IMO. I have tried various speeds, RPMs, snout positions, snapping roll gaps, etc. I have checked the snapping roll timing as well. I am pretty much down to blaming it on worn snapping rolls, but I do not know how to tell how worn the snapping rolls are. The holes in the wagon hitch are barely ovalized, and the bracket has never been re-welded (almost every picker I've seen had failed at the wagon hitch to frame bracket) so I thought it might be a low-time machine when I bought it, but who knows. The problem is that stalks will break off and build up at the back of the snapping rolls. Once that starts the build up pretty quickly moves forward until the whole length of snapping rolls is clogged up. Shouldn't the rolls force the stalks through even if they are broken off or pulled out by the roots? I have read in a few places that the rolls can be built up with weld bead to solve this problem, but I have not been able to find anyone who knows how to do it. Do you build up weld on the lobes or on the flats between the lobes? Do you use a constant bead or a bunch of spots? If any experienced users can offer help I'd appreciate it.

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    Default Re: New Idea Corn Picker....

    what going price?

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