1987, 446, 60 inch deck, snow blower, Case enclosed cab
( really nice for snow blowing with a manual wiper blade), rototiller, front plow blade, chains, sleeve hitch, complete set of manuals, about 750 hours, it is in good condition except for the following: the seat cover is torn, the muffler has a leak and has burned the paint on the hood ( about a 2 inch area, and the front hydraulic hose is leaking and needs to be replaced, other then this it runs well with no problems. I am asking $2,950 for it.. I could sell the snow blower for $325, enclosed cab for $375, rototiller for $500 with the sleeve hitch, $400 without the hitch and the plow for $100, chains $40. I am located in New Jersey, near Easton, PA. Email me at twlc@hotmail.com if interesred.