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    Default Montana 545 Limited w/fel opinions

    Well I was sold on the long but came across a 2008 montana 545 limited which is a farmtrac it has 108 hours on it....It has front end loader with it and I can buy it for $7500.00 still has 2 years on the warranty...From my understanding they have the ford motors in them....What is your opinions on this tractor...I understand it don't have the horsepower the long does but I think it is a no brainer....The long has 1100 hours on it and they wanted 7800 the montana has 108...

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    Default Re: Montana 545 Limited w/fel opinions

    That sounds like a good price for the tractor. I have a 545 (2 wheel drive) that I have had no major problems with. I have had the starter solenoid, thermostat, seat, and some small items need replaced. About half of the parts are the same as a Ford 2910 / 3930 tractor. With a loader the 2 wheel drive are limited in traction due to the front weight.

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