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    Default Deutz-Fahr

    Deutz-Fahr Agroplus 75-100

    I don't know much about these, though I've seen one and quite frankly, it looked and felt "nicer" than the kubota M series cab I got in. (as did the New Holland).

    Seems as standard, these (or this one) has 4 wheel disc brakes, 4 sets of remotes (14.5 gpm).

    When I went to the local shop that had the "75" sitting on the side of the lot, he couldn't find key, so never started it. He "thought" they could get a loader for it, "possibly" a backhoe, though he didn't know if it was their brand or aftermarket.

    I'm just wondering, though they look nice, and seem to have been around forever, I've heard of the Deutz name, I've hardly ever heard about them otherwise.

    Are they even considered a CUT?

    Irregardless of above, are they considered a "major" brand? Seems with the history I've read, they've been around for long enough...

    The "ballpark" price the guy gave me for the 75 machine, was about 35K. That struck me as significantly higher than a similarly powered other brand. Then again, with the brakes, remotes.. ???

    So, whats the skinny on Deutz-Fahr?


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    Default Re: Deutz-Fahr

    Nice Tractor
    German Engineered, How can you go wrong?
    At 8360 lbs unloaded, I doubt that it will qualify as a CUT.
    Just my opinion. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Deutz-Fahr

    My neighbor bought one from Fort Loudon a few weeks ago. Seems like a fine Tractor. I have emailed you his name and phone number. Ted DK-45

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    Default Re: Deutz-Fahr

    They definately are not a CUT!! The Agroplus fits the Utility tractor category(under 100 hp). They are nice tractors. Their siblings are SAME,Lamborghini and Hurlimann. Different styling,motors and certain options.

    For what you are getting the price is pretty good.

    I doubt very much if you'll find a Deutz branded back hoe for this size of tractor. Not sure if you could use one with the cab anyways. Might be cheaper to buy an older TLB than try and mount one on this tractor. Then you'd have two tractors to do what you wanted,which sometimes is not all that bad.

    No SD-F is not considered one of the majors. They are one of the independants,but do have some ties through SAME to Agco.

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