Howdy, I am an oldbee but new to here,

I have the fortune of acquiring an ever so slightly used and not quite vintage Long 445/460 with a Long Loader.

I am looking for replacement parts, starting with a rebuild kit, or individual parts to rebuild the Power Steering Sector.
The kit is UTB 772325, I called Spare Parts for Your Long Tractor | & got lots of info from Rich, but the parts are not available.
That is where I need to start, then replacement parts, if I can get them (replacement kits for whole systems are back ordered & pricey, $700.00).

Does anyone know any info on parts for this & other endeavors on this beast?

I was told that there may be Hydrostatic Replacement Steering Kits available, but I haven't called them yet, ( and nearly double $$$. Does anyone have info on there systems, availability, & costs?

Any information would be appreciated!

Rick Lee