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    Default Ground lockout switch: Belarus 250AS

    Found the answer--copied it in below....

    The ground lockout on my tractor was wired so that the negative ground from the battery was bolted up against the ground wire from the frame, meaning the lockout "switch" really wasn't switching anything.

    So, I checked the continuity on the switch and put the frame ground in one of the bolt holes that holds the ground lockout on the dash. Then the neg. ground from the battery was up against an insulating washer on the back of the housing for the ground lock out, and the switch only has continuity with ground when the switch is in the closed position ("1") now. By doing this, I now have 1/2 the gauges on the dash working, where I had none before. Also, my battery isn't constantly going dead.

    Question is, the other end of the frame ground goes down to blade terminal on a plastic disk that has another wire attached to the bottom via a second blade terminal. The disk is screwed onto the panel that is in front of your shins, below the lockout switch. The plastic disk has a couple of metal-lined holes that look like something was meant to plug into them. Also has a wire "keeper" that looks like it was meant to snap over the top of something. This contraption looks like a holder for a fuse/fusible link, but there's none there. I'm thinking the lower wire is from the ignition switch and am hoping that if there's a missing fuse/fusible link, then I might solve several electrical problems in one "fell swoop," as it were.

    Any ideas?

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    "Re: Belarus part...what is it?
    This is an electric 12V socket to plug in the extra light in case if you need to fix a machine when it's dark. I still have the lamp with a wire and reverse socket which exactly fits to the shown in the pic one from my car Moskvich 2137 (sold 20 years ago). Each vehicle was equipped with such extra light socket in the USSR.
    The battery switch is different."
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