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    Default Satoh 650G wont run???

    I just bought a Satoh 650g and i was told it needed a head gasket. so i finally found the head gasket, installed it, adjusted the valves and put new plugs wire points condesnser etc. on..... Now that i got it back together when i try too start the engine it will backfire out the carb a little and run at a very low idle just puttin (barely runnin) for about 15 seconds and quit.... Im thinking maybe i adjusted my valves improperly or somehow i got it out of time????? can someone give me detailed instructions on how too adjust the valves? also the firing order and witch cylinder the plug wires go too from the distributor cap??? Im not really sure what too think, its got me baffled... any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    Default Re: Satoh 650G wont run???

    WOW, not just a double post, a TRIPLE post.

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