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    Default Deutz-Allis 6240 With Loader

    I have found a Deutz-Allis 6240 With Loader 2wd listed semi locally for $4,800. I know nothing about these tractors, but it seems like a lot of tractor for the money. Around here any 30+hp tractor with a loader is $8000 plus. Are these good tractors. I would not be running it too hard we have about 5 acres to mow/maintain and a 1300' driveway. Right now I do not have a loader on my tiny kubota and if we get a good snow storm I'm pretty much SOL. Of course I'm afraid if I picked this up one thing would break and there would be no parts and I would wish I spent some more. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Deutz-Allis 6240 With Loader

    I have an old Fordson and had some of the same concerns before I bought it. I did my research and found that there huge aftermarket of parts available for almost any older tractor, yours included. Consumables, overhauls kits, pump overhauls, bushings, bearings, seals, etc. are all available but it may take a week or more to get them. In addition there are breaker (salvage yards) where you can get the big parts if they break. Your Duetz-Allis is at least 30 years younger than mine so I wouldn't worry about parts availability.

    It's just like buying an older car .... determine if it's drivable and then figure out what it's going to need in the not too distant future.

    Here is your tractor data: Deutz-Allis 6240 tractor information

    A tip for teens ... if you don't absolutely need 4wd, it is just a nice to have item and very expensive to fix if it breaks. That's only my opinion but it seems to hold water.

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    Default Re: Deutz-Allis 6240 With Loader

    Probably a good deal.
    I have owned a bigger deutz.
    Its common for them to smke a bit on startup but clan up when working.
    Parts are probably not an issue except you will probably have to order them.
    Find a operators manual and shop or at least a parts book.

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    Default Re: Deutz-Allis 6240 With Loader

    Thanks guys, I am going to have a look on Wednesday and if it does not look tapped out I might make an offer. The owner says the only issue is that the "foot brakes" do not work and that he just stops it with the hand brake. I would most likely try to fix that but don't imagine that would be too hard. I'll keep the tread posted.

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