First my Husband has accused me of breaking the Belarus ( I did not). I am new to tractors and have very little experience with this. Before I called a mechanic, I wanted an opinion from someone else. If this is something I can fix on my own, I would rather do that. I have a 220 Belarus tractor. I was mowing and I looked back and the mower kept getting lower and lower. I stopped and the mower hit the ground. There was no moving the mower after that. I was able to take the mower off the tractor, and it sits exactly where I pulled it off the tractor. I thought that maybe after removing the mower the lifts would move but no. I have hydraulic fluid, that was the first thing I checked. I did not hit any levers or buttons that I was not supposed to. So now I wondering if the Hydraulics went out or do I need to bleed the lines in some matter that I don't know how to do yet.

This tractor was left to me by my father-in-law. I need it to work but don't want to take it somewhere and they charge me more than the tractors worth to fix it and it have nothing to do with what is really wrong with it. I have a book for it, but the book that was given to my father-in-law was not the book for my model and nothing looks like it is supposed to. Does anyone have any suggestions. I really need some advice.

Note: Last month the Gas tank started leaking and I did fix that last month. Three months ago I replaced the alternator. Those are the only two things that I know that have been wrong. I have had the tractor for 5 years.