Hey guys, been a while since I posted on here. Traded the old MF 50 Gasser in on an MF 250 with a loader. Mixed emotions there but that's besides the point. My neighbour gave me an old Belarus T-40A that caught fire on him while he was disking. I got the fire damage repaired, but the main trans seems to be locked up. I'm thinking it's ice, since it's winter, I live in Canada, and the tractor sat outside for 2 years. I had it running, and I got the range box freed up so I can at least move the behemoth around with the other tractor. What I was wondering, is if somebody has a diagram and/or instructions on how to shift the stupid thing, I would be really appreciative if they could post that here for me. I'm leaning towards cleaning it up when summer gets here, restoring it and maybe putting a loader on it (The 250 is too light in the rear end, and too 2WD to make a very good loader tractor Thanks in advance. Zack