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    Default Re: Ruggerini oil filter:Discontinued?

    I want to make a plug for Tom at He is absolutely WONDERFUL to deal with. His customer service is stellar, shipping is fast, his prices are good, and he's a really nice guy. He's also assembled a great website with the best aggregation of information about the Italian tractors I've found. I completely and wholeheartedly encourage any and everyone to do business with him.

    Do business with him, he's terrific. He even went out to his yard and did measuring and investigating to help me figure out what parts I needed when I was replacing my hydraulic pump, and his feedback, guidance, and recommendations were quick, thorough, and tremendously helpful.

    Tom: I'm the guy who had to figure out a workaround to the banjo fittings and BPP adapters who emailed you last night.

    He is one of the good ones.

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    Default Re: Ruggerini oil filter:Discontinued?

    Hi Jake, Thanks for the positive feedback, we will arrange payment later! The Italian tractors are certainly worth saving and I just felt people deserved better than what they had been dealing with. I am hoping to expand the site and have pages dedicated to major groupings like clutch, hydraulics, brakes, transmission, etc. Take some good pictures of your modification as I would like to use it in the hydraulic section. The new pumps are great quality, but not exactly the same as the discontinued ones, so it takes a bit of adapting as you found out. That was a good solution and certainly better than what was provided by the manufacturer. Thanks again for the support.

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    Default Re: Ruggerini oil filter:Discontinued?

    Sorry Guys,
    Have not had time to work on my adapter. A paying-job managed to jump onto my milling machine, before the adapter. Pay-job takes 1st priority on the machine, job should be finished by the end of the week. Then I can get back to the oil-filter remote adapter project.

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    Default Re: Ruggerini oil filter:Discontinued?

    I have 3 different versions of a filter adapter for the Ruggerini. They all do the same thing and use the same 3614 filter at about $3 to $4 each. The 3614 is a very common filter.

    The first one is of my own design. Of the 3 it is more complicated to machine and could use the simplicity of the second one.
    The second one came on my 997 is simple and works well although it could use just a little more work.

    The third one came in a box of Ruggerini stuff. It is very simple and requires the least number of parts. I gave this one away to someone with a Pasquali Tractor a few years ago and no longer have it. This one uses an offset mounting hole rather than the spacer and longer mounting bolt used on the first two.

    I have a cad drawing of the first one.
    The 997 has a loader on it with no clearance issues to the filter.

    Ruggerini oil filter:Discontinued?-filter-jpgRuggerini oil filter:Discontinued?-filter2-jpgRuggerini oil filter:Discontinued?-filter3-jpg

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    Default Re: Ruggerini oil filter:Discontinued?

    Does anyone have a Hustler 602D you'd sell for parts?

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