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    david Brown 3800

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    Hello everyone!

    I just joined this site and hope to get some help.

    About 7 years ago I moved from an inner suburb to a rural 13-acre parcel. The property came with a David Brown 3800 Selectamatic tractor with a front loader and a 3-point hitch post hole digger.

    I have used the tractor on and off since then.

    It's time to do some badly needed maintenance.

    The owner's manual shows 20W30 or 20W40 engine oil as the recommended viscosity. Are there any more common viscosities that I can use? Can I use synthetic oil?

    The transmission fluid (which also operates the hydraulics for the 3-pt hitch) is listed as 20W30 or 20W40 oil, with an alternative viscosity of SAE 80! How can SAE 80 be considered an alternative to 20W30 or 20W40? SAE 80 is a high-viscosity oil. The transmission uses 6 gallons of oil so I am looking for a lower-cost oil to use to keep the total cost down. Can I use a 10W40 or something similar? I have never had to buy that much oil at one time. Are there larger quantities available (for example, 5gal containers) that are cheaper to buy than going to the store and buying 6 one-gallon bottles?

    Thanks for the help


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    Well, I don't have any answers for your engine oil choice, but there is a difference between SAE engine and SAE gear oils ratings systems.
    Here's a chart that might help: Viscosity Charts - Bob is the Oil Guy

    Looking at that chart, it seems to me you could use a "generic" hydraulic oil. Something like Traveller All Season (ISO 46) from TSC.
    Tractor Supply Online Store - Enjoy searching:hydraulic oil

    Who knows, maybe the folks there might be able answer all your lubrication questions.

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