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    Default Ken-Noh questions

    SUBJECT: ZEN-NOH--not Ken-NOH!

    I saw a Zen-Noh this past Saturday for sale on a highway near where I live. It was a Z2000 (I think that was the # on the labeling); 24 HP, 4WD w/ FEL & Box Blade w/ 4 or 5 rippers; and a trailer. Price was $7,995.00.

    First, is this a kubota or a Yanmar or what? It was painted red, not orange.

    How is the parts availability?

    How does the pricing sound to you, which includes the trailer?

    I've been looking at Yanmars. Just don't know anything about a Zen-Noh branded gray.

    Glen B

    P.S. I know that Zen-Noh is a Japanese farming co-op that buys the Kubotas & Yanmars, plus maybe another brand or two. How can you tell which this tractor is?

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    Default Re: Ken-Noh questions


    It is most likely to be a YM2000 imported by the Zen-Noh co-op. To be sure I would locate the I.D. plate on the valve cover and identify the typical 2T series number and Yanmar logo.

    You have to do your homework on the package deals....often it is a product that has been power-washed and repainted to look new.


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    Default Re: Ken-Noh questions

    Do you have a picture? It could be a Yanmar or a kubota. ZEN-Noh is the Japaneese Farming Cooperative and Brand name. Here is the scoop... The farming cooperative is pretty stong in Japan and is a prime customer to the tractor makers. They buy tractors as Private Labeled tractors. This is the way most if not all Kubotas are sold in Japan. The are call Zen-Noh follow by a B or Z and model number. Yanmar also markets some tractors directly to the cooperative and sells them as Zen-Noh YM XXXX.

    The decals are coming over more under ZEN-NOH because of pending law suits with Yanmar labeled machines.

    Kubotas should alway says ZEN-NOH, be painted orange, and have a B or Z model indicator.

    Yamars should be painted factory red and start with a YM or F series. Both companies make a 2000 model. I would go back and look at it. Alot of the tractors I have seen of late coming out of Japan say Zen-Noh YM 2000, especially if they are new decals. Another way to tell is a YM 2000 will have an 8 speed+reverse on the floor with two sets of rear gears. A Kubota Zen-Noh will be configured with a 3+reverse speed and 3 speed rear(might be 4 sets in the rear... I can't remeber off the top of my head, some times you see H/M/L and then a separate High/creeper control. Most of my units are 2202s and 1801s). The 8-speed on the YM2000 is the easiest way to tell.
    Kubotas and Yamar YM models are both relatively easy to get parts for.

    I hope that helps!!!

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