After reading a lot of posts here, I thought I would throw in my observations.
Posts about a particular brand being crud, or good or great, need some reference about use. Most attachments give a HP range, but that is only part of the story. If you use attachments wayout on the edge, don't expect to have them stand up the same as if they are used as pictured on the flyer.

As an example: I had a higher end blade by Rankin, in normal use it had no issues, as soon as I was offset, tilted, and angled and hung up on a pipe it tore the blade off the mount.

If you are going to use an attachment gently, infrequently, and as designed, then the lower cost items will perform well. You may never notice the unsupported welds on certain yellow attachments, and the higher cost of the buff colored ones would be a waste. Look at the weight and cost. Looking the other day the cost of blades seems to follow the squared law: as the weight doubles, the price quadruples. On the other hand, if you are ripping up mud-stone then the cheaper ones won't last and that money will be wasted.

Look at your needs, look at your neighbors equipment and compare.