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    Default Another sprayer question

    I am looking into a sprayer to help combat the blackberry issues we have. I can't figure out what would be better for my application and am looking for some advice. The question I have is should I get a boom sprayer or the new boomless sprayer. I have lots of trees, but my tractor is 84" wide. I think I am looking for the most flexible, easiest to not break, but gets the job done tank. I do have some open meadows. First up is going to be applying gallons of Crossbow.

    Here are the systems in question. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Fimco 60-gallon Utility Skid Sprayer, ATV Mounted Sprayers | Gemplers

    Fimco 3-point 55-gallon Sprayer, Large Capacity Sprayers | Gemplers
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    Default Re: Another sprayer question

    For certain applications, the boomless nozzles will work, but they seem to be more proned to wind drift, making them less accurate. All depends on what you're trying to spray, how you apply it, and under what sort of climate conditions. I favor boom sprayers with conventional nozzles myself. For operating a boom sprayer in a confined space, merely valve off the folding portions of the boom and leave them folded in. EIther a simple ball valve or an 12 solenoid valve with a switch at the operators easy reach will work. With manual fold booms, you have to get off the tractor to fold/unfold, so a manual operate ball valve is more than adaquate IMHO.
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    Default Re: Another sprayer question

    I agree with FWJ...

    I have a lot of trees and I have both a boom and boomless sprayer. Around the trees I prefer the booms, that way i do not spray a tree on accident.

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    Default Re: Another sprayer question

    Get the widest boom that is feasible for your operation, otherwise you have to make a lot of passes and will burn more diesel fuel. I have a small hand held 2 gal sprayer, a 15 gal sprayer with a pump that sits on the back of my Mule and a 3 pt 110 gal sprayer with electric controls and 30 ft booms for the big field work. There are more types of nozzles than you can count but TeeJet makes good nozzles for about every type of application.
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