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    Default Woods RM990 Mower Maintenance

    This is the 10th summer for my RM990 and I still think it is a very good piece of equipment. I wrote a RM990 review when it was in its 5th year - since that time it has only needed belts and blades. Others have posted here about rust and other issues so the machine is not perfect - but it seems as good or better than anything out there.

    My place is not very mower-friendly, tends to grow rocks. The blade holders have shown some wear, actually bent open a little, allowing the blades too much up-and-down play. I found a good solution so I thought I'd post it here. The holders can be straightened using a very heavy-duty c-clamp. It did a perfect job in less than an hour. Blade play is back to normal - leaves a nicer cut. No disassembly except taking out the blades. The key to this is the clamp - I used one of these . Less than $50 shipped. With a steel spacer to make up the gap, and an impact wrench to tighten it, it worked great - hope somebody else finds this useful.

    BTW - for good prices on blades - check these out at Agri Supply. They perform like the originals. For belts, A&I Products (wholesale only) carries the exact replacement PIX A-18990 - I order them drop-shipped thru a dealer.
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