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    Default 3pt "snowblade"

    Has anyone seen or own a 3pt back-blade that more or less resembles the big snowplow blades county/hiway dept trucks have? Pushing snow around yesterday (blade reversed) was not very efficient due to depth and lightness of the snow. A taller funnelled shape blade should work better.

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    Default Re: 3pt "snowblade"

    What was the problem you were having?

    Most blades are able to be angled, so that the snow slides off to one side as you move along.

    If the problem was that the snow was too deep, only solution is to make multiple passes (could try to add a rubber flap on the top of the blade like you see on truck plows, but I don't think that would work as you wouldn't be moving fast enough for it to be effective).

    If you're trying to push the snow straight back (nothing to the sides), you could probably add wings to the ends of the blade.

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    Default Re: 3pt "snowblade"

    I've never seen one like what you are asking about, but I've thought about modifying my 3 pt grader blade in the same manner. Seems like it would work well when the snow gets deep. There have been lot's of times when I've had to plow the same stretch several times to clean up the snow that spills over the top of the blade. The drawback is you would no longer be able to swivel the blade around 180 degrees, and that's pretty handy a lot of the time. If you were to put a big snow plow type of blade on a 3 pt grader blade frame, it would make it a single use implement. I guess it depends on how much you want one.... If you decide to make one, please send us pictures!


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    Default Re: 3pt "snowblade"

    Try they sell the metalplessis snow blades and they have a 3pt. model with sides.

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