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    Default Bush Hog 7' Twin Spindle

    Anybody have this unit? I'm curious about price and performance. According to the Bush Hog website, it only requires 25 HP.

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    Default Re: Bush Hog 7' Twin Spindle

    I have an old SQ84, which I think is Hog's medium duty RC. It was part of a package deal on an old 1969 IH 504 tractor which I bought a number of years ago so I can't comment on the pricing part of your question. I can tell you though, that I have beat the crap out of the mower and it continues to work great. I changed the oil in the gear boxes this Spring for the first time. I grease it regularly. I've done no other maintenance on it other than to blow off the grass and debris which builds up on the deck (to avoid holding moisture on it - I keep it outside).

    I run it on a kubota L5030 which replaced the old International. I tried it on a L3530 before deciding on the L5030. The smaller machine ran the mower OK, but not as quickly as I was used to on the IH.
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    Default Re: Bush Hog 7' Twin Spindle

    In May I purchased the SQ84T for $2400 (including tax). I run it on a NH TC40A and there is no issue with power or weight running on hills and rough terrain with the loader, minus the bucket, on the tractor. Eventually I will run it without the loader when I set out to cut all the fields.

    However I am not entirely happy with the cut, for some reason it does not seem to cut as well on the offset spindle. My original concern with this cutter was the slow blade tip speed and I am still wondering about it. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to run it through heavy vegatation because the fields were thin when I bought it in May and this has been a dry summer so the fields are still thin.

    The concept of the unit is excellent with it being a short overall package and tucks in close to the tractor making it very easy to manuver with. My TC40 probably handles it better than it would a 6' conventional. My thoughts are that this cutter will not decrease your cut time over a conventional 6' model because the lower blade tip speed results in a slower travel speed which makes me guess any cut time difference would be insugnificant. Basically I don't know if I like it yet or not.

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