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    Default Re: Leinbach Plow

    Thanks Randy...

    Yes KK has a couple flavors of implements... and yes "if" Quality even stocked the disc... it would have been the angle iron cheaper flavor and not the heavy duty box frame...

    And comparing apples against apples with the Leinbach vs. KK boxframe disc... it's about the same, maybe Leinbach has a better A-frame, which is one of the weaker points with the KK line... but normally using an under 35hp tractor it tends to be a moot issue...

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    Default Re: Lienbach Plow

    1. 12' deep on the first pass, Not with my terrain its is very rocky soil and not enough tractor to go that deep, but I was always taught you didnt want to turn over no more than 6". I actually have more tracotor than I need but I keep our road open when we have snow(not much this year) And I plow gardens for people.
    2. As Randy said its 21HP and the HST is for hydrostatic transmission(auto)

    I had the plow set level for pic purposes. But it didnt take much angle to get it to cut in, The only problem was rocks rolling it back up[img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    The reason I ended up with the Liebach
    1. the price was in my range, He can get any plow you want but this is the size he recommended.
    2. It looked pretty sturdy.
    3. And I love going to look at equipment[img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Take care all, Jim

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    Default Re: Leinbach Plow

    I stand corrected Hoss. I run the Leinbach disc behind a 60 hp pto tractor (Ford 5600) and it's never flinched. I looked at the KK brochures at Quality and never saw the tube framed disc. Of course Quality may have never carried them.

    That's the great thing about this forum. You can always learn something.

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