Will John Deere JD 350 9' sickle mower fit and operate on a kubota L3400's 3-point lift arms and clear the top link assembly? I have a Cub Cadet 7360ss which is pretty comparable in size to the above Kubota. Most people are familar with the Kubota and not the Cub series, so that's why I asked.

I'm a little confused as some say yes it will, but others are saying that it will not fit between the lift arms? Can it be made to work on this tractor? Is the inside dimension on the rear wheels sufficient to run this mower? I have the AG tires on the tractor if that makes a difference. I think the turf tires may be a little wider if that helps.

I have one lined up to purchase but the owner does not know if it will fit and it's a bit of a drive to go test it out.

Any help would be appreciated.