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    Default Forest to field

    This question is along the lines of the "field to yard" thread. What I am trying to do is turn forest into field grass. How does one do this most effectively.

    Things to consider:
    1. Location is eastern Massachusetts.
    2. The predominant tree is oak and there are lots of oak leaves on the ground.
    3. I won't be going so far as to rototill.
    4. I do have a brush hog and have used it on the area.

    Questions in the forefront of my mind include what kind of grass seed to use to get lots of tough field grass to grow and how to deal with the brushy stuff that will compete with it when things start growing.

    Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Forest to field

    You can get a conservation blend of grass seed - mostly stuff that is pretty tenacious and will provide fast cover. Try Agway or some similar farm store. As for the brushy stuff - use that brush hog regularly after the grass is up a foot.

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    Default Re: Forest to field

    In the midwest, no brush will be able to grow if you rotary mow it every couple years, and grass will grow on its own. I would be surprised if you would need to seed anything. If broadleaf weeds or thistles become a problem, a brush spray treatment once a year will keep them in check. If there are areas that the grass has a hard time with, then some light tilling and seeding may be needed. Usually oak doesn't have a real dense crown of leaves that will keep enough light from getting to the grass that wants to grow. Some maples can be a problem though.

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