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    Default Trench digging attachment?

    I need to dig some trenches for burying wire about 18"-24" deep. I had tried using a middle buster, but it didn't do anywhere near deep enough. (didn't think it would, but figured I'd try.) So, is there anything that I can use that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to dig the trench for these wires? If worse comes to worse, I guess I can just rent a ditch witch, but I prefer to own equipment if I can. So, what say you?

    Does anyone know where I left the keys to my tractor??

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    Default Re: Trench digging attachment?

    18-24" i skinda deep to dowith a middle buster even with easy soil to work. Also even if you could do it the width of the trence would make quite a mess. Renting a trencher would make more sense for me.


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    Default Re: Trench digging attachment?

    Did you try multiple passes? Just wondering if that would help. I haven't tried it so it is just a guess. Maybe change out the middle buster foot for a smaller chisel of some sort to reduce drag.
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    Default Re: Trench digging attachment?

    I just did a trench this summer 24" deep X 80-90 feet with a middle buster, got down about 18" and then the other six by hand. I had to adjust my 3pt as far down as it could go and chained a log to the top of the middle buster for weight. This is with a kubota 7510 gear in western PA.

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