Hey folks,

Ran across 4 used tillers last night. I was told that all 4 are Yanmar or kubota, they are in good condition and $400 without pto shaft.

Now for what I saw: The blades on the tillers were not bent (into L shape), seemed to be good shape, some blade wear, but still good. The hitch looked like cat 0, but not sure. Lower pins were pointed in, not out, and the top link mount seemed WAY to low. Looked like chain drive. They all appeared to be the same brand/model but couldn't find any stamps giving away manuf. 3 were orange, 1 green, all fresh paint jobs. I checked the gear box on a couple and found quite a bit of free rotation (~45 degrees) before catching.

Price $400. I am not too impressed, since a new shaft is going to add at least $100 and I am sure other things may need adjusting to the tune of more $$. Am I thinking right here?