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    I've seen a lot of tires lately with the Titan name on them. These are mounted locally on new kubota's, New Holland's and Deere's. Any good or bad info from users on this brand?
    I was impressed to see a 6 ply R1 when as reported, most are 4 ply.
    I would have posted this request under oil because there is little rubber in these new tires. But listing under oil would have us at the mercy of the Amsoilbulletproof1000plyunidirectionalneverfreeze people. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Hawgee, I have about a hundred hours on my set of 7-16, R1 ,6 ply Titans. I bought these because I was having trouble getting Firestone to stand behind their warrenty(and still working on it)and it would have taken two weeks to get the firestones.I could get the Titans in two days. They seem to be working out alright. Their wear is about the same as firestones. I got the six ply because, the 4 ply tires were comeing apart with heavy loader work.

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