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    Default Woods backhoe

    Hi, I have a 2005 kubota B7610 (24 horsepower). I just looked at a 1990 (or 1992, owner not sure) Woods BH-750-3 backhoe 3PTH that needs some bushings, hoses, a few clamps and new teeth coverings. Price=$1500, works well on the John Deere he owned. Does anyone know if this attachment will work with my Kubota? Is the horsepower OK? Is it too big for my machine? The price seems right - what do you think?
    Thanks, Jester

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    The price is really good, even with what you say it may need. I have a Yanmar 336D which is a 33 horsepower (probably 27hp at the pto) that I just bought recently with a Woods BH750 backhoe. It has the 3 pt bucket which I believe is 16 inches. I am new at using a backhoe and have only tried it a couple of times. Mine runs off the pto pump and has the reservoir attached to the backhoe. I run it at about 1300 rpms so I can get use to using one but think it should run a little higher since not all sticks reponse when using another at the same time. My tractor weights 3000 lbs with a YFL Yanmar front loader that gives me more weight on the front but not sure of the FEL weight. My BH750 is a 3 pt attachment but there has been modified brackets that attach from each fender axle brackets to the center of the upper arm for better support. I would like to find a frame support but don't know if they made one for the Yanmar and this hoe. I had been looking all over the internet for a backhoe and hardly see them for less then $3000 for a used one. If you find out the weight of the BH750, please let me know. I'm trying to figure my total weight with the tractor, FEL and backhoe.


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